PayPal Express

The boys who run the WP e-Commerce Plugin website have just published an article on PayPal Express. It does a really good job of explaining what PayPal Express is.

PayPal Express

One of the things we’re working on before launching the next minor WP e-Commerce Plugin update is a PayPal Express Checkout tweak. The user interface was a little tired and in need of a little CSS love.

For those wondering about PayPal Express I just copy and pasted this excerpt from another website.

“PayPal Express takes you from the shopping cart page to PayPal where you enter your address & credit card details; this automatically signs you up for a PayPal account (whether you want one or not), then you are taken back to the seller’s website where you select your correct shipping option. Clicking the confirm order button here will send the shipping details back to PayPal where they then adjust the total amount payable and debit your account.

The good thing about this payment system is that it is fast, easy and does not require the seller to record or store buyer’s credit card details (which would need SSL).

PayPal have also just changed their ‘Express’ payment method so that the customer now has the option of just paying with just their credit card, or saving their payment details with PayPal and opening a PayPal account (the same as PayPal standard). This has made PayPal Express much more attractive as a payment option.”

This is encouraging and while PayPal do not support PayPal Payments Pro in New Zealand perhaps we will explore using this on our own website as an alternative to PayPal Payment Standard.

» Read More information on PayPal Express Checkout


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  1. this is show how paypal work yeah but i’m still confuse

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