Free WordPress e-Commerce Theme: Crafty Cart

Today we are proud to release our very first freebie Crafty Cart – a free theme for your WordPress e-Commerce store. It’s a fresh flavoured retro style for selling t-shirts and handmade items, designed to be a starting point for your online shop. This theme was created by Billion Studio especially for our readers at King Cart.

This theme requires the WP e-Commerce plugin from here for shopping cart functionality, but works as a fully functional blog on its own. The design features custom made ‘Add to Cart’ buttons and a beautiful shopping cart widget design.

Download the theme for free!

How do I set up a wordpress shopping cart and start making money?

It’s easy! Just follow these simple steps…

  • Download the popular e-Commerce plugin for WordPress completley free
  • Install the plugin and activate, remember to enter your PayPal or Google Checkout details in the settings for payment processing
  • Get the e-Commerce theme that will transform your WordPress blog into a shop – Download Crafty Cart
  • Activate the theme in the WordPress admin. Done.

Some cool features of crafty cart

I made my best effort to keep the code tidy and clearly organised for easy styling and changing the design to your taste. It comes with full Widget support, plus Gravatars and separate Pingbacks as standard in modern themes. It’s such a pain to upgrade the plugin and redo all the template hacks normally, so I included everything you need in a single theme folder which makes upgrading a breeze.

Keep an eye out for more freebies like this one in the near future, subscribe to our RSS feed.

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One response to “Free WordPress e-Commerce Theme: Crafty Cart

  1. Crafty Cart is pretty slick! Slick enough to make me consider WordPress e-Commerce over some other options. Keep up the great work!

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