WordPress e-Commerce Plugin 3.6.10 RC1

I am pleased to announce that we have just uploaded WordPress e-Commerce Plugin 3.6.10 RC1.

Here are some of the things that we have done (in this release) to improve your WordPress e-Commerce Plugin experience:

  • Members Only Plugin patches for WordPress 2.7
  • Triple dashes in Permalinks for products and categories – fixed
  • Error on purchase log when there were no checkout form fields – fixed
  • Error when GD not installed – fixed
  • Permission problems on some servers – fixed
  • Weight rate, table rate and UPS issues – fixed
  • Flat rate shipping changes
  • Weird pagination bug – fixed
  • Inline Price Edit (quick edit) works again
  • Custom Meta – fixed
  • Updated language files (Italian, Spanish and Dutch)

This version is pretty stable (more stable then 3.6.9). We are still aware of a few bugs in 3.6.9 that we are currently working on – these will be rolled into the full 3.6.10 release sometime next week. Don’t you worry though – these are minor 🙂

Please post any bugs you find or notices here – you have our attention and we are listening.

> Download WordPress e-Commerce Plugin 3.6.10


One response to “WordPress e-Commerce Plugin 3.6.10 RC1

  1. hey, where is the 3.6.10rc1 files, when i follow the link on this page i get version 3.6.9 ?


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